Our experienced veterinary team practices the best medicine possible and makes sure that every mare we breed receives an individualized treatment plan and care during her stay at the Rising C Equine.

Our veterinary team will monitor your mare closely, using digital ultrasound and evaluating her response to a teaser stallion to determine when she is ready to be bred, whether we are receiving shipped semen or breeding to one of our stallions here at the Rising C Equine.  We have full laboratory facilities to collect, evaluate, and ship semen, as well as receive cooled or frozen semen shipments, and the experience to optimize pregnancy rates once your mare is inseminated.  Ultrasound is used to verify ovulation and check for fluid or any other abnormalities in the uterus after breeding, and medications such as antibiotics, uterine lavage, or other treatments are used as necessary to help ensure the uterus is as healthy as possible to support a successful pregnancy.

On-site embryo transfer services are available dependent on availability of recipient mares.  If recipients are not available on-site, embryos can be flushed on-site, then shipped for transfer into mares at another facility..

Thinking of breeding your  mare but don’t know where to start?  Let our experienced team examine and evaluate her for you, then use the exam findings, her previous breeding and medical history, and your goals to create a personalized breeding plan for her..

Our fully equipped laboratory and indoor breeding facilities make it possible for us to manage stallions for breeding year-round.   Many stallions haul-in for semen collection, evaluation, and shipment during breeding season, and we can also evaluate stallions and collect semen for freezing any time of the year.

Foaling services are available on a limited basis (as space is available) for outside mares.  We have a 14’x16′ intensive care stall (heat/AC) as well as multiple 14’x14′ foaling stalls which all have live-feed web cameras so mares can be easily monitored 24/7 without disturbing them.  Please contact us for more information and pricing.

Please visit our veterinary hospital’s website at www.powderrivervet.com to learn about the other high-quality equine veterinary services we provide, including medicine, surgery, lameness and pre-purchase exams, dentistry, acupuncture, digital imaging, and more!